Our mission

We carry out high-impact Nature-Based Solution (NBS) projects that reduce the global carbon footprint, improve biodiversity, promote a sustainable economy, and support our customers in their achievement of the sustainability goals.

Why we prioritise nature-based solutions (NBS)?

Natural terrestrial and oceanic ecosystems sustain life on Earth and are our main allies in the fight against climate change, acting as climate regulators and natural carbon sinks, removing more than half of annual anthropogenic GHG emissions.

Nature-based solutions involve applying effective strategies to address global challenges through the conservation, restoration, and sustainable management of ecosystems. By working with nature, we avoid the emissions derived from their degradation, contribute to additional carbon capture, increase their resilience against climate change and provide multiple benefits for biodiversity and people.





“Our world needs climate action on all fronts: everything, everywhere, all at once.”

António Guterres.

Secretary General of the United Nations.

Climate Ambition Summit.

December 2022.

Our commitments

With a global vision and a local approach, we develop long-term nature conservation, restoration and sustainable management projects with high climate, environmental and social impact

These generate high-quality carbon credits, available to be used by our clients to complement ambitious decarbonisation strategies aligned with science to neutralise residual emissions at net-zero or fund additional climate mitigation

Different conservation and restoration projects

  • Reforestation, afforestation and revegetation
  • Preventing deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+)
  • Improved Forest Management.
  • Blue carbon (coastal and marine ecosystems)
  • Soil carbon and agricultural practices
  • Innovative projects and techniques

High-impact projects
and high-quality credits

  • Internationally and locally recognised carbon certification
  • Traceability and continuous evaluation of its integrity
  • Certification of contribution to biodiversity, local communities and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Local communities’ engagement and support, tailored to their cultural context
  • Technology and Innovation

Questions and answers about carbon credit markets and their role in climate action.

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Our human talent is our greatest asset

We are an expanding multidisciplinary team consisting of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in carrying out projects to the strictest high quality standards. We are passionate about what we do and eager to contribute differential value to the world of nature- based solutions.

Carbon2Nature is a company 100% owned by Iberdrola, which also allows us to use all Iberdrola’s knowledge and experience in sustainability and developing renewables.

Miguel Ángel García Tamargo

Managing director of Carbon2Nature

“We come to this new market with humility and a desire to do different things, bringing all Iberdrola’s experience in sustainability to the world of nature-based solutions and the generation of carbon credits.”