We attend the Congress on Corporate Investment in Forests and Biodiversity in London

The Congress on Corporate Investment in Forests and Biodiversity brought together many agents committed to promoting investment in nature to address the interrelated climate and biodiversity crises.

The managing director of Carbon2Nature, Miguel Angel García Tamargo, took part in several panels and highlighted the intangible value for companies of investment in natural capital, beyond carbon credits.

The Congress on Corporate Investment in Forests and Biodiversity held on 4 and 5 October in London has highlighted the urgency of addressing our unsustainable relationship with nature and channelling funding to conserve and restore it.

Under this premise, the panel organised by Carbon2Nature was developed, with the participation of its managing director, Miguel Angel García Tamargo, together with Alexis Leroy, CEO of ALLCOT, and Ousmane Fall Sarr, Coordinator of the West African Alliance on Carbon Markets.

Living up to its title “Cost-effectiveness of Nature-based Solutions Beyond Carbon Markets”, it highlighted the need to promote incentives and innovative investment models in natural capital with the aim of attracting private-sector funding and experience, and the fact that this could be reflected in the company’s value.

Miguel Angel García Tamargo also took part in the panel “Project Finance”. The managing director of Carbon2Nature explained both the opportunities and barriers that can arise when tackling a project, and also presented risk management solutions.

The quality principles that should govern this kind of action, which can only be successful in the long term with the backing of the local communities where the projects are carried out, were also addressed. Local people should share in the benefits, showing a high degree of interaction and support for the projects.

The importance of methodological and technological progress in terms of measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of projects was also highlighted. For this reason, several innovative initiatives and tools contributing to increasing investor confidence in the projects were presented at the congress.

Would you like to know about all the topics discussed at the congress? We invite you to watch a recording of it at the following link: